New Blogger and new series: SHNS

After a review of yesterday’s back end data it seems there is a lot of interest in the newest member of The POTR team. We call him BayouLogic. He has kicked off his postings with the first hit of “Strippers Have NO Souls!”, or SHNS for simplicity shake.  Remembering how to type drunk is hard enough without all those pesky words to deal with.  Numbers don’t lie and it appears you want more.  With that in mind I’ve added a category just for SHNS on the right side drop down with anticipation of many more installments to come  (pictures below for you 11B types).  Unfortunatly BayouLogic had to hit the road for that ever annoying job, but will return soon.

Welcome to The POTR’s nest Bayou, we look forward to much more SHNS and drunken Cajun ramblings…

Prost and TGIF you Freaks one and all!

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