SHNS, Part Deux

Sorry for the delay folks…travel and some unexpected shenanigans have gotten me far away from home, but fear not.  With an ice cold beer sweating next to the keyboard, I am back to deliver the next chapter of SHNS.  When we left off, our boy Jeff was out for a night on the town with his teammates.  They had done dinner and drinks at a few places and decided to hit the Strip Club before heading back to the base for some much needed rest.  Jeff decided to head to the bar to reload beers for himself and his teammates when he got stopped by a stripper at the bar, casually asking about the basketball game that was playing on the television overhead.  Jeff was kind enough to give her the score and then step away, for fear that if he lingered, he would get suckered in to buying this stripper a $14 drink and a subsequent lap dance for another $40.  He was so wrong.  Her approach was so much smoother than that.  Jeff not only escaped without shelling out any additional cash, he got away with a free beer from the stripper to enjoy the evening.  Riding that wave of good feelings took him back to his teammates to enjoy another half-hour of half-assed dancing by the lazy girls in the club and a few witty jokes from his teammates.  Heading back to the bar for round 3 or 5, Jeff again encountered the stripper, who hadn’t seemed to move from her stool the entire night.  Again, the conversation about the game was started, and Jeff, who hates basketball politely provided the score again, wondering why this stripper didn’t just move closer to the television.  This is where things go sideways…

STRIPPER:  You look familiar.  Do I know you?

JEFF:  I don’t think so.  I look like a lot of other people I guess.

S:  No, I know that I know you from somewhere.

J:  No, I am pretty sure I would remember you.

S:  Well, my real name is _________, what’s yours?

J:  My name is Jeff.

S:  I knew that was you, you used to hang out with my friend ___________!

J:  No, that’s not me, but thanks.

S:  Quit playing!  Come talk to me!

So Jeff decides to talk to the stripper for a while and eventually gives up his phone number.  He heads back to his table, enjoys the scenery for a little while and then the team decides to call it a night around 0100.

0145:  Phone rings, it’s the stripper

J:  Hello?

S:  What are you doing?  We just left work early.  Would you like to come meet up with us for a drink?

J:  Sure, just tell me where and I will come hang out.

S:  Okay meet us at _________ and you can follow us to our favorite club.

J:  Alright, I am on my way.

So if Jeff had just said he was tired and stayed back on base that night, he would probably be on a team in Afghanistan or Iraq right now punching holes in the bad guys with precision guided munitions instead of sitting in limbo hell waiting to go to a new base and a job in the military that he is sure to hate.  What happened that night?  You will have to wait f0r the next installment of SHNS…

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