France? Yes, France in the lead of international strikes on Libya.

Well good for them, and good for us. Not that I wish to see any of our allied military men, or women, be put in harms way.  For that matter I give a tinkers damn about Libya to begin with or care who’s in power there.   But that said, I like seeing the Euros stepping up and taking some of the straw off the camel’s back that has become the American Armed Forces.  The Alsatian in me can also appreciate seeing the French regain a bit more of their military joie de vivre.  La Garde meurt, mais ne se rend pas.


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4 Responses to France? Yes, France in the lead of international strikes on Libya.

  1. Alfie says:

    Do you really view this as a positive?

  2. The no-fly action or the European lead? I’ll try to answer both in regards to my opinion.

    First the no-fly: No. This is random cherry picking an event for international military involvement. How does Libya rate interdiction over let’s say Dufar, Somalia, Liberia……? More media coverage I suppose. I am a war hawk at heart. There’s no denying that, but I think we need to start being much more frugal on what we call “in the best interest of America”. MSM has warned of a period of American Isolationism developing. I can’t say I honestly believe that’s a bad thing. I’ve personally participated under arms in U.N., NATO and Coalition operations over the last two decades and can’t help but feel that the U.S. has done it’s fair share lately and deserves either positive credit for our contributions or a pass to sit out the next one. Libya is where I’d cash in the pass if I were voting on it.

    European lead: Yes. The U.S. is tapped out on military mission support right now. Everyone like to toss stones at America and criticizes the U.S. for acting as an overbearing World Policeman. Fine, that’s a perspective. Then let the rest of the folks take up the slack. If the world sees a humanitarian crisis then let em pony up their own folks to help avert it. We can back up where we can, but we should be just that. Backups. Our world-wide 911 lines are already full. So the planet needs to call another precinct or just stand by on hold for awhile while we take care of our business at hand.

    Just my thoughts, but to the French I say “Allons-Y!”.

  3. Alfie says:

    POTR thanks for the follow up.
    I get your thinking I just doubt the Euros sudden change of heart and embrace of NATO power etc. All in all I’m pretty cold on the idea of anyone intervening in Libya.
    I guess I’d like to hope I could rely on the Europeans stepping up in another theater on another day. We’ll see.
    Thx again

  4. Oh on the the Euros as a whole I concur. It’s really the French and British (Italians as well, but they lack real power projection capabilities) that are now deciding they need to flex muscle or become part of a muted cultural collective. The Germans are on the rise as well but are taking a page from the Chinese book of slow and steady wins the race. The E.U. is as big a farce as the U.N. but the Euros are not quite as ready to trash it publicly as we are the U.N.. The E.U. is their contractual trade vehicle and they’ve tentatively wed themselves to it. In the end I think the French and British will win the moral high ground for their efforts, the U.S. will get the consolation prize (but pay most of the bills we can’t afford) and the U.N. will slide to it’s most dangerous point of irrelevancy, and possible dissolution, since it’s inception.

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