More NFL Lockout diversion (Cricket World Cup update)

Don’t miss Pakistan v West Indies (Match C) this Wednesday!  Sucks that’s it’s on at 0330 my time.  Really that’s the beer talking.  The only Cricket I know a thing about is named Jiminy.

ESPN: Having had their World Cup quarter-final spot confirmed by South Africa’s victory over Bangladesh on Saturday, England spent the second half of their weekend at a holding camp in Delhi waiting to see where they would begin their knockout campaign and the identity of the opposition. However, having lived on the edge throughout their campaign, they aren’t really bothered about the finer points.


There are two worthwhile comparisons to make surrounding England’s current position. The first is last year’s World Twenty20 when they scrapped out of the group stage after a washout against Ireland, before embarking on five consecutive victories to claim the title in Barbados. Then, going back more than a decade, there are similarities with Australia’s position at the 1999 World Cup.

I still have no idea what that all means…………..  But I do know the NFL needs to get it’s act together pronto before I start watching Curling!

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