This HAS to be the dumbest damn thing I’ve ever heard of!

President Obama has assured us the lead for the Libya mission (whatever the hell someone decides what it actually is) will be transfered to————– someone? —————–in a matter of days, not weeks.  Uhhhhhhh problem is there’s no county/assembly/agency world body that will touch this nebulous whatever it is mission.  Well now the gathered geniuses have a plan and it’s a doozy:

France has proposed that a new political steering committee outside Nato be responsible for overseeing military operations over Libya.

A “political steering committee”?  Seriously, are you fraking kidding me?!  WTF is this Old Mother Russia!!  Oh but it get’s even better.

French Foreign Minister Alain Jupe said the new body would bring together foreign ministers of participating states – as well as the Arab League.

Oh my God they are seriously going to control the mission through a body of “foreign ministers of participating states”.  I would rather paint all the planes U.N. blue and have them dive bomb gummy bears over Berkley on orders from the Fraggles.  That would probably frighten the Bad Man into submission faster than anything a military board of foreign ministers could come up with.

I’ll bet that any Air Force General, or Navy Admiral, standing near Secretary of  Defense Gates when this was agreed to immediately puked all over his aids shoes and started to sob inwardly.

This is the plot for the worst war movie ever made.  I now, without a single doubt, declare The POTR’s position on this whole thing as this “Dump and run, for the love of God, let’s get the hell out of this mess immediately and don’t look back”.  No good will come of this.

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