SHNS – Part Three

Hello Everyone.  Again, sorry for the delays.  When we left off, our fearless Airman had just left the friendly confines of his base to head back out into the night in search of fun and excitement with a local stripper and her group of clingers, mooches and generally low-class friends.  The doomed duo rally up at a local late night bar, one of many that have popped up on the Emerald Coast over the past decade.  Drinks start flowing, conversation between the two gets intimate and then BLAM, an ex from Stripperella’s past pops up, angry as hell that the chick who took his soul is out with another man.  What does our boy Jeff do?  Does he lose his cool and punch the guy out?  Does he cut his losses and just bail?  OH NO!  Our boy is in it to win it.  He shakes this douche’s hand and buys him a beer.  Things cool off and Stripperella is even more interested.  She invites Jeff back to her place, but it’s now almost 0400 and Jeff has to be back on base NLT 0600.  Stripperella takes this excuse in stride and gives up a kiss and a quick BJ in the parking lot to make sure our boy is hooked.  Jeff floats back to the base on cloud 9!  He thinks he has scored the hottest chick in town and she’s totally in to him.  Little does he know how she spends the rest of her evening.  As he gently tiptoes into his dorm room, past his sleeping roommate and into the shower, Stripperella is sidling up to another sucker who can’t resist her D-size breasts and total lack of respect for herself.  DUN-DUN-DUN!!!! How does this affect our man?  Not at all at first, but that will be important later in the story.  For now, we will leave Jeff in his dorm cleaning up from a night he will never forget, dreaming of an amazing couple of months on the Emerald Coast with his new found flame.  He has no idea what’s in store for him at the hands of this Succubus.  Tune in next time as Jeff rallies up with Stripperella at her place for the first time and an encounter he will never forget!!!

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2 Responses to SHNS – Part Three

  1. bltdonahue says:

    Some wing-wiper nails a stripper. I can count on you guys to make it a running series. What a way to spin straw into gold!

  2. We consider it a public service.

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