Ruck up and forget about the family back home. They’ll figure something out….

     There’s been a lot of political bickering back and forth on ‘semantics’ when stating if the military gets paid during a Government  shutdown.  The real answer is NO.  They do not get “paid”, they eventually get “paid back”.  There’s a huge difference.  The current pay period ends on the 15th of April.  If a shutdown occurs this Friday the servicemembers will receive a paycheck on the 15th for a one week period ending on the 8th.  The “pay due” will continue to build until such time as a continuing resolution, or a defense appropriation bill is passed.  At which time a servicemember will receive all “back pay” in their next check.  So even though a servicemember will eventually receive all their pay at a undetermined point in the future they will not in fact be “paid”.  Groceries can not be bought, gas can not be purchased and bills will not be paid by them or their families.   Each family will be reliant on any savings that they may, or may not, have accumulated.  Do you honestly have a month or two of pay saved up?  A Govt shutdown may be a political point to win for some.  All I see is PFC Smith in Afghanistan crying over the phone because his wife just told them they’re out of gas in the car and she has to walk to the store to buy food with their last $23 they have to get the family through the next weeks until maybe they are paid.  There’s nothing he can do and it cuts through his heart more than a bullet from one of our enemies.  That type of betrayal does not readily heal. 

AFT – U.S. troops could be required to report to work without pay if a budget clash in Congress results in a government-wide shutdown, according to draft planning guidance circulating in the Pentagon.

“All military personnel will continue in normal duty status regardless of their affiliation with exempt or non-exempt activities,” says the draft planning guidance that was prepared for the services and defense agencies. “Military personnel will serve without pay until such time as Congress makes appropriated funds available to compensate them for this period of service.”

It’s a damn disgrace is what it is.

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