The Kansas Z.E.R.O. (Scout Team) has selected…….

The Kansas Zombie Emergency Response Operation (Z.E.R.O.) Scout Team has made their final selection for the uniformed melee tool in their individual Zombie Outbreak Response Kits (ZORKs).  The winner is:

The fully awesome, and multi-funcitional, Annihilator – 18″ Ultimate Utility/Wrecking Bar from Dead On Tools.

At 18″ our evaluators found it a tad shorter than prefered but the pure heft and multifunctionality outweighed the moderate length shortfall.  Longer models are available, but you lose some portability with the increased weight and length. Designed as a demolition hammer it will not only crush and remove a close quarters Zombie threat is will also afford you the secondary functionality to:  pry open beer bottles, rip through walls and wood, strip conduit, smash concrete, pry open doors and locks, puncture thin metal, chisel, smash, brick or other pry bar uses in addition to producing general physical havoc on whatever you swing it at. 

Rember all your ZORK gear MUST be multifunctional or it’s not the right tool come Z-Day.  The Kansas Z.E.R.O. (Scout Team) offically endorses the Annihilator Wreaking Bar for your personal home ZORK.  You can’t miss when your wrecking bar has a skull and crossbones symbol embeded into it already.

Be prepared or be eaten!

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