SHNS, continued…

Hello Zombie Hunters!  Due to a forecasted surgery, I have been out of commission.  I promise to make a weekly update to this story from now on that I am back up and running.

When we left off, Jeff was back in his dorm room getting cleaned up and drifting off to sleep as life quietly went on outside the friendly fences of his base.  Jeff continued training diligently, but was found to be unfocused and lacking in motivation from time to time throughout the training day.  As we all now, instructors have a way of getting you back on track and focused, which seemed to keep Jeff in line and off the radar.  Training is a grind and the cadre didn’t seem too concerned with this situation as they see 30-40 new trainees every month and have the experience that keeps them from worrying until it’s time to worry.  So Jeff marches on his daily path, training all day and spending all evening sending texts to Stripperella, hoping for a quick reply.  The entire week is filled with steamy messages detailing the physical attraction between the two and the “heartfelt feelings” from Stripperella that this could be the thing she has been looking for all this time.  The weekend comes and WHAM!, Jeff bolts from the base as fast as he can to get to the Devil incarnate.  He spends all Friday afternoon at her place engaged in what we will politely call “getting to know you”-time with Stripperella.  They are so wrapped up that she’s almost late for work.  This lady seductively tells Jeff that she’s going to skip a shower before going to work so that she can smell his scent on her all night while she grinds in the laps of local contractors and vacationers, telling Jeff to just relax at her place where she can find him when she gets off work.  Jeff is intoxicated by this Minx.  He falls off into a blissful sleep whilst Stripperella dashes off to make money as a teller of tales and fulfiller of fantasies for many a sucker throughout the night.  0500, no Stripperella. 0600, no Stripperella. 0635, text from Stripperella stating she is too drunk to drive and will be staying with a fellow dancer for a few hours at her nearby apartment to sober up and then she will come home.  Jeff decides to get up, take a quick shower and hop in his truck to go get breakfast for the couple.  1000, no Stripperella.  1200, no Stripperella.  1420, Stipperella walks through the door looking rested, but ashamed.  She doesn’t tell Jeff where she really was, but apologizes for leaving him hanging.  She immediately showers and gets dressed, offering to take Jeff out for the day to make it up to him.  Jeff, still drunk from the sex the day before, relents and takes Stripperella up on the offer.  They spend the afternoon at a lunch that Jeff could never afford, enjoying filet and shrimp with cocktails overlooking the water.  The frigid temps outside could not cool the warmth and fire Jeff has for this woman.  He’s on cloud nine again, feeling like the center of her universe.  They head back to the highrise condo complex where Stripperella lives and spend another hour doing what she does best, fulfilling fantasies.  They take a quick nap and then she asks Jeff to bring her to work tonight and come pick her up when she gets off so that she knows she will get home safe.  How smooth is this hooker?  Damn smooth, boys!  She has just disarmed a young, but very focused and fit man with a simple request.  The thought of where she was the night before leaves his mind and he drives her to work before heading back to the base to get a fresh change of clothes and to check in with his Team Sgt.  Stripperella steps onto the main stage for another night under the lights, but things are going to really heat up soon.  What happens when you mix too much alcohol, sleep walking and finely tuned military training?  A Hoochie who tells on herself about all of her misdeeds, including what happened the night Jeff left her at the club and again in her own bed!  When will this confession take place, bringing Jeff to near tears of hurt and rage?  You will have to tune in next time for another installment of SHNS!

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