Saturday grab-bag of nonsense

Can we be done with this birther nonsense now?  Please?! I’m never ever ever going to be accused of being a Big O supporter, but even I have to agree that the birther crap is a “distraction”.

Sadly, I can’t get motivated to care about the NFL Draft this year.  The Lions did great on their round 1, but I still think it’s a lost season.  I’m disheartened.

I’m swapping out my black rifle scope AGAIN!  Damn-it I just can’t decide if I want the carbine as a short range close-in weapon or a stand off.  Totally different scope requirement.  I have both, but keep changing my mind.  Why the hell can’t I figure this one out?  My personal indecision in this matter is very unlike me.

Clock ticking……….. 35 months and I’ll need a grown up job.

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2 Responses to Saturday grab-bag of nonsense

  1. S Night says:

    Now Trump wants to see the President’s school records…
    I heard Detroit did great. All the experts said they’re going to have an unbelievable defense this year.
    Philly, on the other hand, picked a 26 year-old Canadian, a local kid, a kicker, and a guy whose greatest skill is that his brother is Clay Matthews. Now there’s a lousy draft!

  2. I think Trump is a sideline show. Not really a viable candidate. But he does make for an amusing hammer to wield as a point man.

    Now the Detroit moves have started to take notice in the NFC-N. ESPN has been taking about it all day. “Detroit improves as the NFC-N teams stay static”.

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