Now is the Time of The Pissed Off tree Rat!

     Hot damn, what’s old is new and once again the 80s prove to be the resilient generation above all.  The Commodore 64, once again, shall live!  No idea what the C64 is Freak?  Well I will tell you.  It was the practical platform that gave birth to all those digits and widgets techies enjoy today by allowing the common man access to the future.  It allowed geeks, before anyone even knew what a geek was, to start banging out their first lines of code while their friends where pursuing other forms of banging.  I took one of these sweet bad boys to college and pushed out my first papers daisy wheel printed on tractor feed paper.  Ahhh the 80s…… A time when you said “Would you like to play a game?” folks immediately knew you where talking about Thermo Nuclear Destruction.  Good times.  Viva La Retro Revolution!

Now, nearly three decades after it debuted in 1982, the Commodore 64 is making a comeback.

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