Should The Pissed Off Tree Rat enter the 2012 election race?

I have to ask myself that question.  As the RNC race pool begins to churn (DNC candidate already locked in of course) you see the “no chance in hell candidates” begin to declare themselves avaliable for the Political Draft pool of the RNC.  I never have figured out why some folks would invest so much time and money in running a losing race on a hourse with no legs.

Today’s list of canidates to throw your political contribution money behind if you lack a burn pit in your back yard to waste it in:

Newt Gingrich – Turning 68 this June and carries more baggage than a JFK curbside porter.  Newt is old school insider politics.  I for one, lump him in with the generational Congressional problem children that the average American has been begging to cull from that stricken herd on the Hill in D.C.  No chance he’ll get backing from the Tea Party or swing voters.  Time for him to renew his broadcast political pundit contract.  Sorry Newt, new blood wins the next nomination.  No matter how you retool your image your out now.  Again.  Please reread the memo.  Now stay out.

Donald Trump – A cartoonish character with some business savy, but barely enough credibility as a true conservitive to legally even be called one in the state of Texas.  Only chance he has of winning the nomination is if he comes up with “proof” that he personally shot Osama in the head while on duty as a Navy Seal Reservist.  Maybe you can turn your run into a new reality show.  I hear NBC is begging for an new Friday night line-up filler in the 10PM slot.

Michele Bachmann – Smart and attractive (enough to kill her chances with the hyporical media alone) is really really really conservitive.  So much show she makes The POTR look like a tree worshiping liberal pinko.  Don’t get me wrong now, I like where she’s going on alot of issues but I don’t think the voters are willing to turn the Executive ship that hard and that fast.  Final anchor on her campagn chances:  She’s from Minnesota and I fraking hate the damn Vikings!

What’s that flushing sound I hear?  Oh it’s their campaign contributers writing checks….

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