Remote dispatch from the field of the Z-War preparations #1

Dear Freaks,
One of my many duties as the Kansas-Z.E.R.O. (Scout) Commander is what we call “assistance visits”. Now an assistance visit can take many forms. The most common is “Damn we need more firepower! Somebody give POTR a call and get his corn fed, bible toting, gun clinging, Zed slayers down her from Kansas pronto.”. Now when that happens I usually remind them we are a Z.E.R.O. (Scout) team and forward those calls to Marcus who commands a Z.E.R.O. (Assault) team further east of me. The Assault folks then toss down their beers/whiskey and jump into their trucks tossing bags of guns and ammo in on the run to support the call. That….. is not one of those call. Some of our boys in Central Texas have been hopping to and fro chasing down false reports of Zed sightings. So to save themselves a load of $4 a gallon gas hunting down false leads they’ve requested some Scout training for their locals. As the Central Texas Z.E.R.O. has all Assault elements I got the call. Appears OK-Z.E.R.O. Is having a small outbreak/BBQ the have to do this week so KS-Z.E.R.O. has the mission. So off I go to conduct a few days of train-up-da-locals in Central Texas. I’m also going to convince them to get some of their own damn scouts! Frakin Texans, God love em, it’s all full bore frontal assaults with these folks.

Also appears there’s a potential outbreak in the desert southwest brewing up. My fellow Z.E.R.O. (Scout) Commanders are keeping me appraised of the situation. I’ll continue to monitor that situation.


About The Pissed Off Tree Rat
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