Remote dispatch from the field of the Z-War preparations #4

At the bequest of my Deputy I have shifted my forward KS ZERO-Scout support mission to Death Valley.  After 5 days on the ground I’ve had negative contact with the Zed menace but I have determined several things already:

1.  This terrain is very conducive to long-range stand-off distances.  I recommend the locals favor long rifle munitions stockage over mountains of 12 Guage ammo.  While close quarters defense capability is still needed, the ability to detect and destroy at range should be top priority in the desert.

2.  Folks who choose to live in Death Valley because it’s “beautiful and peaceful” have some fraking screws loose.

3.  The Kansas winds are stronger, but the Mojave Desert winds suck the big crank even more.  Kansas winds don’t fill your nose and eyes with rocks, sand, dirt and masses of abrasive crap.

4.  Barstow CA is in dire need of a micro brewery.  Beer selection here sucks a cold Zed’s ass. 


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