The Sarah Palin conspiracy has finally been revealed

The Sarah Palin conspiracy has been revealed to me at last.  I, like most political junkies, have been watching the Palin Campaign(?) Tour(?) Show(?) and wondering just what the hell she’s doing.  Well last night as the pink elephants paraded through my room the revelation hit me and yes, you wonderful Freaks all, it is in fact a conspiracy.   Well maybe “conspiracy” may be a bit much, but it is in fact a “something”.  My vision will be revealed to you but first, Webster’s defines “conspiracy” as:

Definition of CONSPIRACY

1: the act of conspiring together

2a : an agreement among conspirators b : a group of conspirators

So with that in mind I’ll stick with The Great Palin Conspiracy of 2012.  So you ready for it?  Really?  Because once I tell you you’re a part of it and that can’t be undone?  OK, I sense your head nodding.  Quick, turn out your lights and hunch suspiciously over your keyboard.  Look around…………. Glance over your shoulder……….  All clear?  Good.  Get this:  she has no intention in running for President. 

“WHAT?!  That’s not a conspiracy you moron!  You got me all worked up for nothing.  Now my damn light’s out and my spouse thinks I’m cruising porn in here!” you scream. 

But wait there is more my friends.  It’s even more diabolical.  Enough so that Chris Matthews will be cursing the tingle in his leg that he didn’t break news of it’s conspiracy-plot-ish-ness first. 

“S@IT POTR!  Will you get the frak on with it already?”  you mumble between sips of your malt beverage.

Just think about what Sarah Palin does exceptionally well:

1.  Pull in political pundits to talk about her on every Sunday morning show.

2. Raise money.

3.  Make the media seek her out like tabloid paparazzi dogs in heat no matter where in the country she is.

 “So what vision did the inebriation pachyderms reveal to you POTR?” you now ask with a curious tilt to you head.

Ahhhh……… just this.  She doesn’t want to be President.  Not right now.  She wants to become a metaphorical 155mm Political Katyusha Rocket aimed right at Capital Hill.  She wants to push some real change in the best way she can.  She is seeking a nomination, but not for President.  She’s seeking the nomination for Chairman of the Tea Party National Committee.  The vision is of her becoming the Chair of the first viable 3rd Party Political movement in decades that she will wrangle into existence by uniting the loosely affiliated current Tea Party groups firmly under one umbrella and charter.  The threat of a Third Party with a real block of votes in congress is more threatening to the RNC/DNC stranglehold over our Government that any of their fears of a single Executive Office party election loss.  A viable Third Party would destroy the status quo and the partisan locks on power and policy.  I think Sarah Palin dreams of just such a thing.  To be honest, so do me and my new big eared peanut munching friends.

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