Just two questions:

1.  Is it street legal (for pre-Apocalypse usage)?  You need to be proficient in all vehicle operations prior to Z-Day right?

2.  What drivers license class do I need to get?!

Ohhhhhh just in time for Father’s Day!  Hini Hint Hint

OT64 Flyer PDF


The ultimate unstoppable transport vehicle on land or sea. Refurbished Soviet OT-64 decommissioned of all weapons. Carries up to 20 passengers on or off-road at speeds of about 65 MPH on road and 6 MPH through water. The amphibious propeller powered vehicle can cross rivers, lakes, and even navigate off-shore.  These are incredible 8 x 8 wheeled, armored vehicles that can carry 18 people, plus a driver and a navigator.

Designed to withstand an electromagnetic impulse (EMP) from a nuclear blast and can be outfitted with NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) filtration systems to continue to operate under extreme contamination conditions.

The OT-64 is superior to virtually any other armored executive vehicle, assuring you will get to your destination, when others cannot, with a standard range of 500 miles on one tank of fuel. Diesel powered V-8 engine, with nearly 200 HP drives this 27,000 pound vehicle across virtually any terrain.

Originally built by the Soviets, they have been completely re-furbished as needed including updating and replacing: all filters, fluids (engine, transmissions, axles, planetary drives, hydraulic propeller system, etc.); as well as the set of 8 tires, with a complete sandblasting of the exterior and fresh paint. Available in flat black, white or green.


For more information and current price quote, please contact us at: transport@terravivos.com Terravivos.com

Engine Layout: V8 Air Cooled Dimensions Length: 293 Inches

Engine Type: Tatra T-928-14 Dimensions Width: 100 Inches

Engine BHP: 180 Dimensions Height: 80.5 Inches

Engine Displacement: 11,760 cc Ground clearance: 18 Inches

Engine Torque: 550 Nm Tires: Bullet resistant, low velocity

Max Road Speed: 60 MPH Suspension Type: Independent adjustable

Max Off-Road Speed: 50 MPH Transmission: Wilson Planetary

Amphibious speed: 6 MPH Trench clearance: 79 Inches

Amphibious type: Screw Jet Weight Empty: 27,116 Pounds

Fuel consumption: 5.29 Gallons/Mile Brakes Type: Hydraulic

Fuel range: 441 Miles Axle hub type: Sun-and-planet gear type

Fuel type: Diesel Max ascent angle: 60 Degrees

Fuel Quantity: 84.5 Gallons Side slope: 30 Degrees

All amounts are approximate and subject to verification.

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