Breaking Camp……..

The Pissed Off Tree Rat is beginning to tear down his Kansas trench works.  Yup it’s off to Maryland this time.  I hate moving to these leftist gun Nazi states…………  I’ll be hit and miss  for a bit, as far as posting goes, but will try to keep up till I start up the road to the North East around July 8th.

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4 Responses to Breaking Camp……..

  1. bltdonahue says:

    Maryland allows up to 20-round magazines. So take all your 21+ rounders, stick them in a box. Label it “pro-gear” for the TMO (or whatever the Army calls the office that moves your crap), and don’t open it until the zombie apocalypse. Or just store the big mags at your office. There shouldn’t be any weapons restrictions, just mags.

    And of course you can’t concealed carry. It sucks, but it could be worse (New Jersey or New York, which still ban any slightly interesting guns).

  2. Sh#t. I don’t think I even own any AR mags at <=20 rds…. Grrrr grumble grumble. Thanks for the heads up BLT!

  3. Sandy Pogue says:

    Oh cow! The loss of the Z.E.R.O Cdr is a blow to the Zombie response mission in Kansas. Don’t know of anyone as capable, so the next in line will have to step up. Oh! that’s me. I accept the promotion and will double tap as many un-dead as necesssary to be worth of my out going commander. Sir, on your way out don’t forget to have a fresh pair of underwear on hand. You never know what’s waiting for you on the other side. Long live the Z.E.R.O commander.

  4. I leave the KS Z.E.R.O. Scouts in remarkable and capable hands. I only hope to be able to assemble such a capable team in Maryland. My KS Scouts will be hard to match!

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