The Rat is back!

After nearly a month of driving around this great nation I’m re-nested in Maryland and ready to reload The Pissed Off Tree Rat.  Last time I was in Maryland was almost 18 years ago and they’ve manged to make the guns laws an even bigger pain in the ass during that time.  I’ve visited the DNR and the Police asking for a “owners guide to MD gun laws/hand out/cheat sheet etc…” and got funny looks in return.  They just offered up a list of incomprehensible and conflicting state/local law websites that require a Law degree, and Phd in deciphering political gibberish, to even read let alone understand.  The Police Sergeant actually said if I could figure them out I could come back and teach them a class.  They did say my chance of getting a CCW from Maryland was about 0.01%.  The only reason it’s even that high is they can’t refuse to accept the application, they just get to refuse to approve it 99.99% of the time.  Schmucks.

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  1. By the way, the “schmucks” comment was for the Maryland Politicians not the Police Officers. I never mess wit da PoPo. They get enough crap from every other dumb ass every day so they won’t get more from me.

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