Only 37 Days to kickoff

All right you shifty Freaks it is in the wind.   That’s right the NFL!  Can I get a mental fist bump?  Oh yeah it’s on now baby.  As always, I will give you my predictions 24 to 48 hours before each Detroit Lions matchup.  In addition to that, on 9 September I will tell you how the season will end for the Lion’s W/L column after week 17.  RE: My 5 Jan 11 post were I picked the Lion’s exact 6-10 final season count on 12 Sept 2010.  That’s a high bar for the Pissed Off Tree Rat to set for himself this season, but Allons-Y!

Week Date Matchup Time (EST) Prediction Result
1 11-Sep DET @ TB  1:00 PM  TBD  TBD
2 18-Sep KC @ DET  1:00 PM  TBD  TBD
3 25-Sep DET @ MIN  1:00 PM  TBD  TBD
4 2-Oct DET @ DAL  1:00 PM  TBD  TBD
5 10-Oct CHI @ DET  8:30 PM  MONDAY  NIGHT
6 16-Oct SF @ DET  1:00 PM  TBD  TBD
7 23-Oct ATL @ DET  1:00 PM  TBD  TBD
8 30-Oct DET @ DEN  4:05 PM  TBD  TBD
9 Bye      
10 13-Nov DET @ CHI  1:00 PM  TBD  TBD
11 20-Nov CAR @ DET  1:00 PM  TBD  TBD
12 24-Nov GB @ DET  12:30 PM  TURKEY  DAY
13 4-Dec DET @ NO  1:00 PM  TBD  TBD
14 11-Dec MIN @ DET  1:00 PM  TBD  TBD
15 18-Dec DET @ OAK  4:05 PM  TBD  TBD
16 24-Dec SD @ DET  4:05 PM  TBD  TBD
17 1-Jan DET @ GB  1:00 PM  TBD  TBD

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