Someone PLEASE tell my why liberals buy into this?

Dear Liberal friends,  aren’t you the least bit insulted by this?

From The Hill: The president, in a video conference with supporters Wednesday night from Chicago, encouraged his backers to focus on broad themes when it comes to his policies on taxes and war, instead of the specifics of individual policies.

“I think the key is not to get too bogged down in detail,” the president said last night.

Not to get “bogged down in detail”?  Just follow the President out of blind allegiance to his vision no matter what he actually does.  Is that what he expects folks to do?  Platitudes and catchy slogans are for campaigns ,not for the actual administration of an organization let alone the whole country.  By this point in the current administration you’d THINK that somebody has some details on something.  You can’t vote “present” any more when you are in charge.  Nope.  Not allowed.  You must get into the details.  That’s what a President is elected to do.  I just don’t get it.  I want my elected officials to give me details.  They get to be purveyors of vision on the campaign trail, but when they get to sit in the big boy chairs it’s time to get to it and figure out how to execute their plan. 

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