Sneak Peak at next week………..

Random rant threads I’ve yet to decided on using next week:

1.  Just because the DHS thinks I AM the profile of a threat (because so many middle aged white gun owning war veterans are rampaging through the streets/taking hostages/blowing up buildings ect…) doesn’t mean that I’m not cuddly and fun.  It means they have become the biggest fraking morons on the plant.  It actually scares me to think what this PC horseshit may be doing to any legitimate security efforts.

2.  The RNC gave an unneeded moral high-ground victory to President Obama by not volunteering to move the Republican primary debate back a night.  He is the President of the United Sates after all.  Even though I don’t support the man himself I do still respect the office of the President of the United States.  The night picked by the WH was a B.S. play, but the RNC could have turned it around and came out looking like the “better man” on the issue.   Point to the Prez.

3.  I’m so fraking giddy about the new NFL season I  have to concentrate not to pee on myself.

4.  The Congressional Black Caucus needed to tell it’s folks that their repeated racists comments accusing any group of non-DNC white folks as racist is well……….. racist.  They look like race baiting oppertunists with zero grasp on any form of Congressional issue.  Can I start a “Vote out the CBC before they make the rest of us even dumber for hearing them speak.” PAC? names a bit long, but I’ll work on it.

5.  I do sooooo love my beer, but it’s got to many damn calories.  With the help of some good friends I’ve begun a training regiment of various Scotches and Irish Whiskey.  Not really a rant.  More of a general bitch that good beer has to many calories   and Whiskey/Scotch is just to damn expensive.

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