NFL Season week #3 picks/predictions

Bring a beer and bring it on!  NFL Season week #3 POTR picks:

NFL Season week #2 prediction stats:

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3 Responses to NFL Season week #3 picks/predictions

  1. Alfie says:

    You’re taking Buff over NE? You’re killing me!

  2. Alfie says:

    So Alfie here’s the crow,it’s very fresh today -enjoy.
    I’m absolutely shocked. I suppose some may say I have nothing to say given past official gifts such as the “tuck” but there were a number of calls against the Pats AND the Bills in this one that makes me hate the zebras.
    Congrats on your picks especially your personal faves who’ve joined the 3-0 club

  3. The Bills/Pats was my upset pick as I thought they were do. I was fearing the Lions would fall to the curse, but they showed some serious come back power. never saw that in the last 15ish years.

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