A Non-Chuck Testa Post

Actually, I’m starting to regret that unfortunate title already… I can see where this one is going to end up. But since the damage is done, I suppose I will proceed.

So with all this talk of doom and gloom lately I decided to sit back and ponder the wonders of the universe. Whilst doing so I happened to indulge in a few bottles of my homemade Dunkel Weizen on an empty stomach. Silliness thus ensued.

This all got me started thinking about the apocalypse. Again. For the bazillionth time. It happens–what can I say? Usually I find myself waking up the next morning down in the man cave, covered in a poncho liner curled up next to my Mossberg 590 (with bayonet securely mounted), surrounded by empty beer bottles, dealing with a wicked katzenjammer.

Today however, I think I will l turn my booze-fueled efforts toward something more productive than inventorying the spent brass in my tumbler. Or perhaps not. Okay, I talked myself out of it. I officially will not do anything productive. Instead I will ponder which were the top five Post-Apocalyptic movies of all time. And I will share the fun with you dear reader. I’ll post my top five (which will naturally constitute the definitive list), and then I will solicit your feedback in the comments section.

Let the games begin!

The top five Post-Apocalyptic films of all time are:

1. Dawn of the Dead (2004)
2. I Am Legend
3. Night of the Comet
4. The Book Eli
5. Road Warrior

Oh, and before you start posting your own top five movies down in the comments section let me establish some ground rules. Any Post-Apoc movie with Kevin Costner in it is officially disqualified. Those movies are total shit and should be removed from the collective consciousness Fahrenheit 451 style.

And that’s it.


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One Response to A Non-Chuck Testa Post

  1. WTF?! I can’t add ‘The Postman’? Why you being a Costner hater?

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