The economy sucks, so do your part and leave a tip please.

OK Freaks, here’s a first.  I’m asking you do do something.  Leave a tip.  That’s it, pretty easy.  Tonight I’m spending my last night here is Scottsdale AZ.  It’s been a long week with jetlag kicking my ass the whole way.  With an early flight tomorrow and the hope of actually getting a goods nights sleep, that’s been missing for a few months, I turned down beer and adventure with the boys and opted for a quick dinner at the Denny’s next to my hotel and some early rack time.  So I sat down and quietly read the news on my blackberry waiting on my steak and eggs while the family next to me quickly did biblical damage to the table, floor and ceiling next to me.   Who knew you could stick pancakes to a Denny”s roof?  It appears you can after all if your interested.   Well as they left I happened to see them graciously leave one whole U.S. dollar on the table as a tip.  Nope, service did not suck.  Actually it was pretty good.  In the heart of full disclosure I did pay for most of my rent through college in the food service industry.  It’s hard work folks for nearly nothing while being treated like dirt by customers with a smile on your face the whole time.  So I’m not a rich man, that’s for damn sure, but I did leave a $5 tip on a $15 tab.  Not much in a cosmic scale, but maybe the Rat gave a little balance to the hard working waiter at the Scottsdale Denny’s who deserved it.  Pay it on people.  If you can spare a doller spread it around.  The good hard working people really do appreciate it.   Now time to pack for an early flight cattle call tomorrow.

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