Occupy INSERT NAME HERE has no idea what it is.   When the weather gets cold they will all go home.  They will have accomplished zip.  Oh well, God bless em and I hope they appreciate how wonderful this country is that allows them to Occupy INSERT NAME HERE with the only risk being a possible fine/ticket or inconvenient catch and release by the police on crowd control violation.    I smile and wave every time I see protesters no matter what they are about or even if I hate their cause except for the Westboro Baptist Church (that’s a personal singular animosity).  Why?  Cause they’re not being shot at by the government or blown to pieces by an opposition party.  I’ve witness both of those things and lived half of my life in countries where things like that are barely notworthy.  Having that in my mind I genually do smile and wish them well.  I love the protests because I know it’s why our country is the greatest in the world.  I just hope a man or woman appreciates that when they pick up their signs and head off to “Occupy INSERT NAME HERE”.  They are truly living in the greatest country in the world even if they don’t realize it now.

Do I know what I’m about?  Yup.  Thought it was obvious:   Politics, guns, beer, the Detroit Lions and preparations for the coming Zombie Invasion.

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