Bottom line, when you cut the crap, is that the Democrats are actively trying to enable voter fraud.

The Pissed Off Tree Rat is pissed.  Yup, even more than usual.

You need a photo ID to:


Buy beer.

Buy Smokes.

Buy nasal decongestant at WalMart.

Check into a hotel.

Rent a DVD at Blockbuster.

Get on a plane.

Buy a car.

See an R-Rated movie.

And so on, and so forth……………

So when states legislate an ID requirement to vote what’s our Command and Chief have to say?

TPM.  “I will say that my big priority is making sure that as many people are participating in our democracy as possible,” Obama said. “Some of these moves in some of the other states that we’ve seen try to make it tougher to vote, restricting ballot access, making it hard on seniors, making it hard on young people.

“I think that’s a big mistake, and I have made sure that our Justice Department is taking a look at what’s being done across the country to ensure that people aren’t being denied access to the franchise,” Obama said.

     Buying beer, or smokes, or cold meds needs to be controlled tighter than casting a vote in President Obama’s opinion. The only reason to fight voter ID laws is an overt desire to support voter fraud.  Being asked for ID when buying a 12 pack, when you’re over 40, is just inconvenient and stupid but I do it anyway.  Arguing that a state has no right to ask for my ID to vote is just fraking insane!  Any DOJ employees with a grain of decency , or common sense,  should be throwing up right about now.

I don’t know what pisses me off more, the idea that you don’t need to produce a photo ID to vote or that the President tries to argue that weak assed disenfranchisement bullshit as the excuse to facilitate plain old DNC turn-out-the-vote fraud.

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8 Responses to Bottom line, when you cut the crap, is that the Democrats are actively trying to enable voter fraud.

  1. Good stuff. Great observations. To bad few others make the same connection.

  2. Moe says:

    Except POTR, there barely is any voter fraud to guard against.

    There have been periodic shenanigans, especially with people being paid to gather appliants, but their activites didn’t result in actual registrations or votes. All they can do is submit the applications to the local Registrar, who makes the decision. Prosecutions for voter fraud in the US have been precious few in the last 30 years. It’s much harder to do than it was at one time. (JFK won thanks to fraud!)

    Here in FL, the venerable League of Women Voters, who’ve conducted drives for 75 years, chose to cease doing it this year, since new laws would make their volunteers liable for criminal penalties.

    Elvis knows we have real problems – with money and our congress criteters being owned by their big donors – but this isn’t one of them.

  3. It’s the idea of figting against the idea of showing an ID to vote as some form of “sinister voter disenfranchisement consperacy”, but accepting that you need an ID to do every other little thing in daily life without question or complaint, that I take issue with. The ongoing partisen tilt to this issue is just mindboggling. Heck people are asked to show ID when making a large purchase with a credit card without making it a federal case but want to call the ACLU on speed dial if asked to do so to vot. I just don’t get it.

  4. Moe says:

    Given that your orignial post was mostly about ID, I should have said that I’m somewhat agnostic about using ID to vote. I can see making a case for that – although given the number of people who do not have gov’t picture ID, the requirment should be scheduled to become effective a few years down the road to give eveyrone the opportunity to get the ID.

    That’s one thing. As I said, I’m probably okay with it. But what’s happening around the country is making it harder for people to REGISTER to vote. and if the ID thing goes into place immediately, it makes it harder for many registered voters to actually vote. For another thing a number of states have put meaures in place making it almost much harder for college students to vote in the state where they reside.

    There’s a lot of stuff out there that I find disturbing.

  5. Moe,
    Just started step three in my quest to vote absentee in a ‘primary’ come Feb in my home state that I’ve been a resisted voter in for over 20 years. EVERY time I vote it’s flaming hoops I jump through. I research, I read, I check I make every suspense and include every document. I taking voting seriously. I get fought at on every turn, every year, to PREVENT me from voting. Yes PREVENT. If it wasn’t for my job I’d be on TV screaming disenfranchisement. It’s hard. IT’S A FIGHT for me to vote every single time. So I’m sorry if showing a picture ID is too much for some folks. But…. tough. I’ve had more votes that never counted because of bureaucratic crap that probably ever did. So forgive me for not getting worked up over someone being asked to prove they are who they are when they vote. If you can be bother to show ID then you don’t need to vote.

  6. Moe says:

    Well, don’t know where you vote, but my own experience is entirely different. I’ve voted in every local, state, county and federal election for (ouch) FIFTY years in five different states. And I’ve never had anything like what you describe happen.

    Like you, I take it very seriously. In fact, last year I wrote a post about how I feel about voting. In case you’re interested, it’s here:

  7. That’s why I love your posts Moe. You temper me. You really do. I absorb from all my blog friends but my fight to vote absentee ever year does push my perspective each cycle on this issue. Vote absentee and you are run through the crucible of steel and fire to vote that is not even close to the standard imposed locally. But it can be done. One day I’ll go to ground and get a “home of record” and will fight my fights locally. Ohhhh those poor soles of that voting district 🙂

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