So what does a wartime President do when his game plan is to ignore it till it goes away?

Funny thing.  When a country is at war that’s usually a pretty up front sort of thing for a nations leader.   Let’s not kid ourselves here, besides the obligatory “Support out men and women serving overseas.” comments on some holiday or another,  nobody really claims that the President is focused on the war effort.  Even the Iraq exodus was forced on him by the Iraqi’s refusal to agree to a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA).  His claim that this fills  a campaign promise is a crock as he had the state department fighting tooth and nail to get a SOFA in place for 50,000 troops in 2012.  When that fell through all the sudden it was his plan after all.  What a load.  Now his problem is that he has to make a decision in Afghanistan.   Yup he does, not the Generals or some politically favored Czar.  It’s political, affects the war and won’t go away till he weighs in.  Ohhh no he actually has to make a decision that is unambiguous and on the record.   Problem:  he pushed a plan of bombing Insurgents in Pakistan, Pakistan don’t like that,  America screw up (allegedly) and killed 24 Pakistani boarder guards, Pakistan don’t like that, Pakistan has demanded the closure of the U.S. base on their soil and has closed our land resupply route into Afghanistan.  This is big strategic political war effort time.  The sort of thing that a leader has to commit to if the war is to be won.  I’m not proposing any solution.  I’ll just be watching to see if out elected leader steps up and earns his spurs, or stalls and hopes the problem just goes away.  Unfortunately the “stall and hope the problem just goes away” seems to be the President’s reaction of choice when faced with difficult decisions.

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