Is the count down to the 2012 Apocalypse starting early?

Hello World.  Step up to the plate for a swing at the 2012 Apocalypse!

Strike #1

The Last Pope:  It is widely believed that the last pope of the Catholic Church will succeed Pope Benedict XVI. Many people believe that we are in “the end times.” That the signs are all around us. St. Malachy, (d. 1148) Irish Bishop and Seer, produced an accurate list of future popes which began with Pope Celestine II in the year 1143. His list consists of a single line which gives a clue to the characteristics of each pope. From this list of 112 popes there is to be just one more after Pope Benedict XVI. His predictions regarding the popes have been for the most part pretty accurate regarding the identifying characteristics that each line reveals. St. Malachy doesn’t give any predictions or information about what happens after the last pope. However, according to other seers, we will have arrived at the end times.

From the Dudes in Rome yesterday:  Those closest to Pope Benedict XVI have observed that he is showing the signs of aging. The Holy Father is 84 years old, and will turn 85 on April 16. The demands and the rigors of the job with an Emperor’s responsibility, would be a herculean task for even a young man. But motivated by Spirit and responsibility, Benedict continues to keep a busy schedule.

Strike #2

Wunderbar, cause the damn “but we meant well” over-smart clowns are bound to fuck this one up bigtime! A deadly strain of bird flu with the potential to infect and kill millions of people has been created in a laboratory by European scientists – who now want to publish full details of how they did it.

You get to guess Strike #3…………




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2 Responses to Is the count down to the 2012 Apocalypse starting early?

  1. Your my hero Pissed Off Tree Rat

  2. The Hidden Imam/Iran psychosis is to easy. I like to read between the lines…

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