What do I have to say about the new year?

After the 12 months of suck that was “2011” I just have to say, FRAK IT AND BRING IT ON 2012.

We are gonna have it all, you Freaks, and you know what we can take it.  We are the steel that will bend but not break.  We will stand the line and hold back the hordes of Chaos at our gate.

We will stride across the world with beers and black rifles in hand laughing in the face of absurdity.

Stock up for the ends of times cause we got:

1.  Election mayhem

2.  New North Korean government changes (with nukes)

3.  Iranian mass psychosis of the Lost Imam who-fell-down-a-well-or-something (with nukes)

4.  Mayan Apocalypse countdown

5.  Dissolution of the EU

6.  Iraq’s civil war

7.  Syrian civil war

8.  Unemployment / social malaise / and fiscal insecurities translating into urban violace

9.  Rising fuel prices and continued American refusal to develop our own natural resources till it’s jut too damn late.

10.  The Zombies are coming……………. So be prepared or be eaten.


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