I’ve said it before and I say it again: Tuesdays suck…….

I admit it, I’m a hater.  I hate Tuesdays.  There I said it, it’s now out there for the world to ridicule.  So be it.  Tuesday is just a crappy day.  What does it offer those of us slugging our way through the week?  It is the weekly pit of despair.  When you look at the rest of the week it is clear that Tuesday is the south end of a north bound camel.  Let’s check out it’s peers starting with:

Wednesday – Hump day.  You’re halfway there and things are looking up.  Plus it’s called ‘Hump’ day.  Ya gotta like that.

Thursday – Only one more work day till Friday.  You can almost taste the Friday Happy Hour specials already.  Got a solid work day in the office as everyone pitches in to get crap done.  Why? So they can scam out early on Friday of course.  Added bonus on Thursday is the NFL game that night.

Friday – TGIF baby.  You worked hard Thursday, so scamming out early today is possible.  Any new work can be pushed to Monday because “Hell it’s almost the weekend boss!”.  The entire weekend’s siren call sings to you.  Day is spent planning your off time to come, and drinking.  Not much real work done in the office, but the atmosphere is filled with the prospect of joyous libations tonight.

Saturday – Ahhh sweet sweet Saturday.  Sleep in an extra hour maybe, beach in the summer, BBQs and beers in the fall.  BSing with neighbors over the back fence.  Maybe getting a bit of shooting in.  More beers.  Playing trains with the kids.  Added bonus on Saturday is the college football games all the live long day.

Sunday – The day of rest.  Sounds nice right?  Yes, it is the Lords day.  Church, lunch out with the family and more FOOTBALL!  Real football, the NFL, not that NCAA stuff from Sat.

Monday – The work hangover day.  No one really gets anything done in the office on Monday.  You spend the AM recanting your teams delicious football victory, or moan about how the refs stole the game from them.  Some boring afternoon meetings to plan the week.  Those suck, but your mind is really on what Monday’s all about……….  Monday Night Football, and more beer!!

Tuesday – Back on point.  Tuesday’s just suck.  Period.  End of story.


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