Bond… James Bond

Okay, full disclosure you magnificent bastards… when I was growing up I was a huge James Bond fan. And by huge I mean super-fuckin’ epic-type huge. I used to run James Bond music as the soundtrack to my life.


Because it was fucking badass… that’s why.

Anyway, at some point I realized that James Bond was nothing more than a live-action cartoon character that did utterly retarded shit that would never fly in the real world. I guess it was the end of the honeymoon at that point. That was probably around the same time Michael Myers was making The Spy Who Shagged Me or some such. It was also during that timeframe when I saw the movie Ronin and described to people as “James Bond for grown-ups.” Yup, the honeymoon was really over by that point.

Recently I broke down and started watching the Daniel Craig versions of Bond, and I have to say that they are actually quite good. So I may have been suckered back into the franchise, but only time will tell.

But in the meantime, I leave you with this… utterly fucking hilarious Youtube clip.


(H/T Ace)

Update: Aw hell… how can I not love these movies?

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