Americans. We are a different sort of folk.

I’ve lived (not vacationed in, but lived) in five countries all over the world so far in my life.  After you’ve done the politically correct obligatory self debasing bullshit speech on how America is not any better than any other country in the world and is a big bully etc…  I’ll tell you softly that you are just wrong and need to get out more.  Just a thought for  Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day today that America doesn’t suck.  One day folks may just open their eyes just a little wider and realize that there are plenty of places that actually do suck and America is not really one of them.  Spend a day watching a mass grave get excavated and it’ll straighten your priorities about the little stuff out.  There is real evil in the world and America as a whole, or as a democratic ideal, is most definitely not it.

The last three stanzas of Rudyard Kipling’s  ‘An American’ written in 1894:

Which knowledge vexes him a space;

But, while Reproof around him rings,

He turns a keen untroubled face

Home, to the instant need of things.

Enslaved, illogical, elate,

He greets the embarrassed Gods, nor fears

To shake the iron hand of Fate

Or match with Destiny for beers.

Lo, imperturbable he rules,

Unkempt, desreputable, vast —

And, in the teeth of all the schools,

I — I shall save him at the last!

Excerpt of Charlie Daniel’s ‘In America’ written in 1980:

We may have done a little bit of fighting amongst ourselves, but you outside people best leave us alone. ‘Cause we’ll all stick together, and you can take that to the bank. That’s the cowboys and the hippies, and the rebels and the yanks! You just go lay your hand on a Pittsburgh Steeler fan and I think your gonna finally understand.

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One Response to Americans. We are a different sort of folk.

  1. bltdonahue says:

    My friend…I must both agree with you and offer a counter point.

    I, too have lived in several countries. But I was blessed to live in countries with their act -basically- together (Japan, S Korea, Netherlands, Germany, and the U.S.). In addition, of course, to visits and vacations to other places.

    While I will agree without hesitation that we have the best thing going, it’s rather sad to see some countries do damned near as well as we do, without even 10% of the advantages we enjoy.

    We have far to go, still. We have German ingenuity and resolve, Korean sense of community and family, Japanese levels of…er…crazy awesome bullshit and fortitude, Dutch, er…financial…er…OK, those Dutch bastards can balance the books better than us.

    Anyhow. We can be better. We SHOULD be better. We have advantages that even our squared-away allies and friends can only dream of. Of course, we have some challenges they’re all glad to avoid. Are we doing fine? Sure.

    Can we do better? Must we? Have we in the past? Of course!

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