End of the World Thought #6

End of the World Thought #6: Have fun trying to charge up your Mother Earth friendly Prius during the Apocalypse.  I don’t think you can syphon an electrical charge with only a rubber hose.  But have fun with that anyway.  You’ll be useful, as bait, to facilitate my getaway while you figure that out just before your inevitable demise on the side of the road…..

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2 Responses to End of the World Thought #6

  1. Actually, what’s really amusing is that near where I live is a school bus parking yard. And covering a lot of the parking areas? Solar panels.

  2. Solar panels are going to be a critical item to keep what we can charged, but they are more of a latter stage item after areas are secured and static positions can be established. Had to use on the move in the early stages in any large scale manner.

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