Good morning Mr. Saturday. I’ll have a cup of Isolationism please.

What was I greated with this morning?

Well this:

Horror escalates in Syria as U.N. tries again to reach resolution

US government could lose $2.7B on clean-energy loans, study finds

Iran to unveil ‘great nuclear achievements’

UK sent nuclear sub near Falklands, says Argentina

Armed Assad supporters and opponents clash in Lebanon

Israeli fans beg PM to hold off Iran attack over Madonna show

Russia, China Veto A Second UN Resolution On Syria

My response you ask?  Frak it.  Go hull defilade around our borders, tie in tight with Canada, then sit it all out for 20 years.  The thankless bastards of the world can fend for themselves as we re-focus our economy, and society, while building 20 meter tall Combat Mechs to defend our borders as we push finally to settle beyond Terra Firma.

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2 Responses to Good morning Mr. Saturday. I’ll have a cup of Isolationism please.

  1. Alfie says:

    Actually we’ve pissed off the folks of the Great White North so we gots no bunker buddies.

  2. I all for mending those fences. I’ve always thought we’ve been fools to not treat our immediate neighbors as full cooperative members of a real North American teaming. Mexico may be to far gone at this point. I say the next President heads North, with a 12 -pack of Molson and a 12-pack of Labatts in hand, and kicks back with Premier ministre du Canada Stephen Harper to has it out like real men. With cursing and booze.

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