NFL Season 2011-12 season close out stats

Well overall if you were using my vast psychic ability to predict NFL games this season you beat Vegas.  You didn’t make a damn thing in the way  of profit, but you didn’t lose the house.  So I have two, no three, points to make with that in mind.  First, I didn’t suck as bad as your average NFL pundit.  Second, weeks 5/10/13 we’re massive upset weeks that fraked up everyone not just me.  Finally why the hell would you be picking any games based on what a drunken right wing zombie hunting Pissed Off Tree Rat thinks anyway?!  I’m already pining away for next season……

The POTR’s s NFL 2011-12 season predictions close out stats:

 In loving memory of the 2011-2012 NFL season:

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