The legacy of Democrats and Republicans approaches

For my non-Facebook followers, I do a daily drive-by quote  on the page there.  No real context is given with the quote except the occasional bridge to a pet peeve of mine or recent political event associated to a historical event.   In looking for today’s quote I started with more editorial from me than normal so I decide to post on my prime site as today’s blog post vs. a Facebook drive-by status update.

The legacy of Democrats and Republicans approaches: Libertarianism by bankruptcy. – Nick Nuessle, 1992

       What I took away from this quote today was the date.   Social-Political cause and effect is measured in decades. We’re now so deep into the obvious impacts of the decades of wasteful and irresponsible Congressional spending that generational mortgaging for vote getting social programs can no longer be ignored by even the world’s most inept accountant.   Congress can no longer pay for the promises they have made over the past decades, or the ones they continue to make.   They know we have to begin the painful process of massive program cutting to even keep the country solvent.  Yet they continue to smile and promise to feed the social program beast at every campaign stop.  “We can afford it all!” they chant while explaining how their 1+1 math formula really equals -1 with deficit reduction and even more yummy benefits for the beast.  They know their lying, we know they’re lying but they just can’t stop and we are the voter enablers.  It’s as if Congress has become a fiscal heroin addict.  They know it’s wrong and bemoan it all.  They will cry rivers of tears on how it’s irresponsibly and how the “other party” is to blame and must be voted out of office for the good of the nation.  But like an addict, they will turn their back on you as soon as possible and go right back to shooting up your money again.  The cycle continues.

So the problem we have now is how do we fix the fiscal irresponsibility of our government when society has itself become addicts of government social engineering programs and fiscal slaves?

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