End of the World Thought #8

End of the World Thought #8: How many beers do ya think you could pack into a cooler taped to the side of an ultra-lite’s seat and still be able to lift off?  Probably gonna have to go with cans while I do aerial recon missions.  Bottles may be too heavy and I’m still gonna need to account for ammo…………

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4 Responses to End of the World Thought #8

  1. bltdonahue says:

    This is why pilots drink Jeremiah Weed. Cheap, high-content, and if you spill/drop/whatever, no great loss.

  2. bltdonahue says:

    Watch this with headphones on, or after the kids have gone to bed.

  3. I can for a fact say that’s never been on my shopping list….

  4. bltdonahue says:

    Nor should it, actually. Had two shots in my life…two shots too many.

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