Dear Michigan, particularly my County Clerk….


With an astounding display of consistency you have failed to get me my absentee ballot to vote for the 5th straight time.  If your standards hold true my ballot will get here in about 3 days from now.  I jumped through every stupid bureaucratic hoop on time and perfectly filled out.  Hell, I even called you.  TWICE!  Yet you failed me again.  Did I say “You suck” yet?  At least I anticipated your failure and again sent in my Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot (FWAB) on time.  People get pissed when asked for an ID to vote, but for me it appears I need a damn lawyer to remind you of my rights.  Guess I’m taking a week off work and driving across the country to vote this November.  I’m sure as hell not chancing that one.  Worthless bureaucratic pukes.  Anyone getting the idea this pisses me off?  You should.

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