Blue State Highway Robbery

Here’s my simple statement to Maryland State and it’s Liberal fiscally insane politicians “Frank you!  Are you kidding?!”

What is the source of my ire today?  Vehicle registration and Maryland tax monstrosities.  Federal taxes my ass.  The state liberal politicians of Maryland are violating the working class to appease their leach money sucking “takers” of their entitlement demanding voter base.  Kansas vehicle registration for my 2 vehicles was a grand total of $90.  Now take the great state of Maryland…… drum roll please……… $600!  For an 11 year old minivan and a 7 year old truck.  When I paid the clerk my tax bill she actually said “Welcome to Maryland Sir”.  I stared at her for a second then asked her if she was kidding me with that statement.  She replied no and said quietly she was kind of embarrassed for even saying it and told me the taxes are only going up more soon.   Obama can keep his fraking $40 payroll bullshit.  I want this blue state tax nightmare fixed.  These bullshit liberals talk about the “middle class” like they’re looking out for us.  Close you ears little readers  “FUCK YOU!”  you condescending bullshit liars and keep you hand out of my damn pocket for one fraking day so I can pay Obama’s flipping gas bill.  Piss off, I’m in a mood you liberal pandering jackass liberals.  Grow some balls and tell people to man the frak up and finally admit the individual is responsibly for taking care of their damn selves already.  Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley and his Highwaymen cronies can suck it.


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4 Responses to Blue State Highway Robbery

  1. bltdonahue says:

    Wow. That’s insane!

    It’s insane for a private citizen. Its especially insane that they don’t cut military a break. Virginia registration for US Military personnel was something like $10 (vs. maybe 150 for citizens).

  2. Oh to call me livid is an understatement…..

  3. bltdonahue says:

    To say you have been violated with chainsaws is an understatement…

  4. Yeah $3K flushed in taxes and “required maintenance”. Trying to figure out my ZombieDeCon funds now………..

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