ONWARD TO WAR!…………… on the ladies?

I know, lets pull out the WAR ON WOMEN spin cycle!  Time to pit the bitter liberal shrews to talk down to those stupid fat stay at home moms that just need to fall into the Democratic Collectivism and be ashamed in silence of their pathetic failures but tow the DNC voting line loyally.   Maybe then those mindless cows not worthy of the real liberal intelligentsia will finally shut up and be obedient  slaves .

Hell, at least we don’t have to listen to the media talk about: the insane Obamacare costs skyrocketing and doubling endlessly, $4+ gas, every aspect of our fuzzy foreign policy imploding, Congress not passing a budget in 3 years but continuing to plunge deeper into this insane deficit spending and now refusing to even try to do their jobs, The walking Dead is off the air till October (DAMN IT!),  every race baiting scumbag from the 70s has crawled out of their pits to inciting violence and relishing in their efforts to push race relation backwards 40 years, the and unemployment numbers only go down when the White House comes out with a “new formula” to compute the “actual” unemployment data.

Ugh.  Good thing we have this manufactured “war on women” to keep us drones distracted for all that other stupid stuff.

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One Response to ONWARD TO WAR!…………… on the ladies?

  1. Good thing I don’t care about the whole concept of the run-on-sentence!

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