Unsolicited endorsement – Old Brown Dog Ale

In my unrelenting quest to quell the zombie threat, I try to sample local beers whenever I can when on the road.  Last week I was laying over in New Hampshire for a night and I was drawn to the Smuttynose Old Brown Dog Ale von faust.  One, the name was a good draw.  Two, is was local .  Three, it was on tap.  That in my book says “I’ll take that one bartender!”.  I’m a fan of IPAs and also of Brown Ales.  Surprisingly this was a nice near blend of a more hopped up brown ale.  The POTR’s first home brew was an English Nut Brown Ale and I’m man enough to admit Old Brown Dog Ale has whooped it’s ass cleanly.  Hat tip to the Smuttynose brewers for a delicious bonus find for my travel through the Live Free or Die state.  Hazzah!

Smuttynose provided states:

Color: deep reddish brown

Malt Bill

North American 2-Row, Munich 10L, C-120, Chocolate


Bittering: Cascade and Galena

Flavoring: Willamette

Starting Extract 15° Plato

Terminal Extract 3.26° Plato

ABV 6.7%

IBU 18

About The Pissed Off Tree Rat

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