Damn tough pill to swallow

Soooooooo Syrians are murdering women, children, whole families of their fellow Syrians if even half the accounts are accurate.  Even as a relative Isolationist this  kicks me in the gut.  I’m not a completely heartless man.  Maybe when the United Nations cuts through the crap, and stops talking like anyone’s gonna do a damn thing to help those folks, then honestly will creep into the discussion.  Then that U.S. bashing hypocritical building full of useless shit heads will have to admit what the really mean when they say “The world must intervene!” is “Unless America comes to help them, they’re all dead.”.   Maybe it’s time for the rest of the world stops pissing and moaning about how “The West” screwed them over, in some way or another in history, and committed their forces to the humanitarian mission.  I think the U.S. is tapped out.  Maybe the Chinese and Russians should game up.  They’re always full of constructive criticism whenever we sacrifice our troops for the rest of the ungraceful jackasses in the U.N….

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2 Responses to Damn tough pill to swallow

  1. Alfie says:

    In potentially telling news the UN lost seven peacekeepers to an ambush in Liberia. The soldiers were from Niger. Ban is saddened and outraged. Yuh that’s the appropriate reaction.

  2. The U.N. is proving as useful to the world as a eunuch in a Bangkok whore house. Only more expensive.

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