Sometime’s lists are important. Most of the time I misplace them anyway therefore making them absolutely useless.

Every Monday I tell my minions the things I’m tracking that week.  It’s not a “top ten” list in priority order per se, but more of a list of things I “know about” and actually “give a sh#t about”.  I do this in a hope  they the too will start to “give a sh#t about” what I do and make my universe harmonious.  Most of they time this works, yet often enough they fail to grasp the point which often results in what I affectionately call the incoming nuke rounds.  Friday was such a day.  So on Monday morning I will be a creating many pairs of smoking-ash filled boots at the staff meeting.  But that’s not really a problem for you Freaks unless you happen to be in my employ.  In that case you may want to call in sick on Monday.  All that previous drivel read was nothing but an elaborate and twisted thought process that leads me to tell you be give this weeks “non-work related” list of things I “know about” and actually “give a sh#t about” in not necessary priority order.

1. There are 53 days till the start of the new NFL season.

2.  There are 113 days until the U.S. Presidential election.

3.  In 647 days I need to find a grown up job.

4.  It appears the average teachers salary is $50K.  The average teachers union bosses salery is $400K.  My lifelong UAW aunt and uncle’s fears are now fully realized. The unions have become exactly what they were formed to fight against.  The are now just the self sanctioned  oppressors of the working class just as much as the employers of the 1930s.

5.  The president deciding to stick to supporting his campaign’s accusations that Romney lied about his Bane Capital date, when even the liberal media (minus the Huff Post) acknowledges that accusation is wholly factual in error, shows he is clueless that his advisers totally suck.

6.  Coors Light is not worth $11 a twelve pack.

7.  I’m looking forward to heading to LibertyCon in Chattanooga this Friday and meeting up with some friends I haven’t seen in awhile.

8.  I find it hilarious when the liberal media tries to “speak to the mindset” of conservatives.  Specifically when they claim the conservatives are uneasy, particulary the Tea Party, when it comes to a Condoleezza Rice VP possibility.  Their trying to project subtle racist hints into the issue.  News flash.  It’s a BRILLIANT choice.   Unfortunately I’m pretty sure she’s already said no about a hundred times publicly.  Hope she changes her mind.  Where’d I leave my Gadsden Flag anyway?

9.  The U.N. is powerless in Syrian because America won’t be the big stick for them and everyone knows it.  There are presently 192 member States of the United Nations.  What a waste of NYC space.  Presently the U.N. has a $5.15 billion budget for 2012-2013.  That’s around ohhhh around $27M per country.    Once we have a deficit of zero I say that’s what we should contribute to the U.N.  if everyone insists we actually have to have the useless body anyway.   Right now the U.S. pays %22 of the budget and China only pays %3.1.  Hell, even Canada pays %3.2.  This whole things is a pointless feel good waste of time.  That’s what Facebook is for, and it’s free…

10. I laugh how the Russians (i.e. Putin) keeps trying to rile America up into some form of new Cold War fight as every just ignores them.   Ahhh silly Ruskies, we’re just not into that anymore.

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4 Responses to Sometime’s lists are important. Most of the time I misplace them anyway therefore making them absolutely useless.

  1. caohaoim says:

    1. Coors light has the same value as bottled water maybe a little bit more for the alcohol that kills the nasty germs.
    2. I can see why I, a Packer fan, am looking forward to Football. How you can boggles the imagination. 😉
    3. Condi. I like her I would have preferred Jeanne Kirkpatrick. I would also prefer Thomas Kratman. If I ever become President he will be Secretaries of State and War and the U.S.S. Wisconsin will be reactivated as the official diplomatic barge with the U.S.S. Ronald Reagen carrier group as it’s escort. I figure he wouldn’t have to spend much time actually negotiating.
    3. I wish I was going to LibertyCon. Someday I will not be broke. Possibly after the election.

  2. I actually get to fly to LibertyCon on ‘hotel points” this year. I guess having to spend a lot of time on the road in hotels this year payed off some how. Too bad I can’t get free booze that way…

  3. caohaoim says:

    You would think the hotels would want you to redeem points with alcohol.

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