On the road again……

You know years ago life on “the road” was fun and exciting.  New places, new sights and the occasional adventure to tell your drinking buddies about when you got home.  Now it’s just:  a pain in the ass of airport security,  constantly figuring out how the radio works on every crap box rental car, waking up in the dark and bumping into sharp edged hotel furniture when you try to find the damn bathroom at three AM, $8 airport/hotel bar beers, laptop freezes as you try to download a days email from a cel connection and just another damn meeting in another damn conference room.  Yup The POTR is on “the road” again for most of August.   On the bright side, I’ll be hunting some zombies for a couple days in the Midwest with Marcus Atrocious and with Mr. Pink for an evening in the Southeast.  Mostly downhill from there though.

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3 Responses to On the road again……

  1. caohaoim says:

    As my wife and my mother and my siters all say. “at least you have a job”

  2. That is very very true!

  3. caohaoim says:

    Now I just have to get one so they can say it to me.

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