Some things are just better left alone…





Can an ex-service member speak his mind openly on politics, yes.  Can an ex-service member speak publicly on and politic viewpoint, yes.  Can an ex-service member criticize the standing government publicly just like any other American, yes.  Can an ex-service member form a political group with the intent of influencing politics through peaceful means, yes.  To debate otherwise is to argue that an ex-service member has given away his rights as an American through his/her service for the Country.

Once a service member departs military service he/she is no longer subject to  Sections 973, 101, 888, and Chapter 47 of title 10, United States Code.  No matter how inconvenient that simple fact may be to the political pundits.  Possibly if Liberals thought of the VFW as a non dues paying union then they’d understand Vets have every single same right that they do.

While on active duty, however there are numerous guidelines they must comply with.

Excerpt of DoD Directive 1344.10. “It is DoD policy to encourage members of the Armed Forces (hereafter referred to as “members”) to carry out the obligations of citizenship. While on active duty, however, members are prohibited from engaging in certain political activities.”

“FREEDOM OF SPEECH”, the OLD MAN said, “Is worth dying for, good men are dead, So you can stand on this courthouse lawn, And talk us down from dusk to dawn, But before any Flag gets burned today, This OLD MAN IS GOING TO HAVE HIS SAY!!

Excerpt from: “It’s the Soldier” By: Charles M. Province

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