OK, I’ll be the insensitive bastard….

If the Federal Govt is gonna spend any more money on New Orleans, to rebuild after another flood, it should only be in enclose it in a damn dome.  Better yet, the federal govt should refuse to pay for rebuilding anything damaged that’s below sea level.  You build below sea level then it’s at personal risk.  In my callus and insensitive opinion.   I also support making New Orleans pay for all levee repairs and upgrades.  The damn city is sinking under the sea and I don’t understand why the hell I should have to pay for people to be able to live there.

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7 Responses to OK, I’ll be the insensitive bastard….

  1. caohaoim says:

    You don’t want to rebuild “Chocolate City?”

    Actually the port and pipeline nexi make it important to preserve portions of the area. After that put your home on stilts cunningly disguised as a garage, and deal with life.

  2. I lived along the coast of a tropical island in the Pacific for a decade and got hit with about two typhoons a year. Our houses were built exactly like that. Cinderblock with and open garage on ground floor with a closed stairway in the center leading to the living are on the second floor. The Ocean could surge up 12 feet before we’d even be concerned. If your build a new structure/house/business in New Orleans and it’s not flood/storm proof then it’s your own damn fault.

  3. YEAH?! Uh what? Oh Yeah, and the selfish rich! And the evil banks too?! ow ow ow and Rush Limbaugh and Fox News! Those bastards all!

  4. caohaoim says:

    Old river towns had the businesses next to the docks ,the nice homes on the bluff overlooking the docks and the shanty towns on the floodplain. There was a reason for all that

  5. Alfie says:

    The precedence is there. There are coastal communities in MA that don’t get funds for the beach houses in storm surge range.

  6. I say make New Orleans a listed “build at own risk” city. It’s only sinking more. Yes, I know NYC is also sinking. Same deal there. Your risk, and your dollars to rebuild there. Not mine.

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