“Americans don’t understand”……….. Actually, I think we do and it’s time we moved on.

We’re constantly informed that “Americans don’t understand the Muslim world.”.  Well here’s a news flash.  The Muslim world understands America a hell of a lot less.  I’ve been there, and done that.  It’s pretty damn obvious.  I’ll even go so far as to say that your average American knows a hell of a lot more about the Middle East than your average man on the street in Cairo knows about The West.  I’m so sick of this apologetic guilt ridden crap we force on ourselves.     We will never be able to “buy” the love of the Arab street through billions of dollars in aid to their governments.  The people of those countries don’t have a clue on Earth that we, through deficit spending loans from China, put the bread in their mouths.  Our “friendly” governments in the Middle East leave that little nugget of info out of the general discourse with their people.   We need to start getting over the concept that our aid dollars will “buy” their friendship and move one.  We can not force ourselves onto that street, it’s a waste of blood and money.  Let the Arab street come to us.  Either with open arms or under arms.  We will accept and/or deal with them either way as brothers in democracy or enemies.  But it’s time to stop chasing that philanthropic pipe dream.  They’re not ready and we are wasting our time.  The only friend we have in the Middle East right now is Israel and we’ve been pissing on their shoes.  So we’re soon to have no friends at all in that region.  Time for America to withdraw, regroup and wait for another opportunity.  As they say in the South, we’re just spitting in the wind right now.

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4 Responses to “Americans don’t understand”……….. Actually, I think we do and it’s time we moved on.

  1. caohaoim says:

    I am also in favor of live ammo and snipers nests at embassies, consulates, churches, synagogoues and taverns in the middle east.

  2. bltdonahue says:

    I know you know this, but I’m just preaching to the audience. Our payments and support in the Mid-East exist for one reason: The Cold War. It was relatively cheap and prudent to provide money, arms, and commerce to leaders in the area to counter-act the Soviets who were doing much the same thing. When your enemy arms the wrong people, and makes sure they take over in a “popular overthrow,” and keeps doing this time and time again, you’ll soon find yourself uninvited to large stretches of the globe. Yeah, we sorta need their oil and seaports too…

    But a few generations of doing that results in countries full of people either resentful of that government we’ve been propping up, or addicted to the loot we’ve been providing. Eventually, they’ll have to come into their own. Embracing radical Islam, terrorism, naked violence, and barbarism isn’t the way, obviously…but it is what it is.

    If we leave there, we’re basically inviting in a few other interests to take our place. Folks who will certainly have less interest in spreading egalitarian ideals among the restless populace. I don’t know what the answer is…though certainly energy alternatives are part of it.

  3. I say take every bit of aid $ slated for the Middle East and divert it to energy alternatives research prize. Not this crap spread $s across political donor’s companies. I’m taking Moon shot effort. Public/Private contest of winner take all. No Govt R&D up front. Nada. Just a $10B tax free prize to be awarded on the 4th of July 2016 to the person or company that hands us a cheap/clean/practical to produce alternate fuel process. After that the Middle East can sink back to whatever societal level they wish on themselves.

  4. caohaoim says:

    Have you looked at what our proven energy reserves are? Oil is over 50yrs and climbing fast. That doesn’t include Canada or Mexico pop that into the mix and we got well over a century. natural gas is a glut on the market and runs cleaner than any bio derived source. Coal is at about 400yrs using only those mines that are easy add the more difficult and we got a millennium. Thorium and uranium reserves are in the 10,000 plus range. What the @#$%^&*()(*&^%@#$%&* do we need “Alternate energy” for?
    Drill baby drill, Nukes are Forever, Coal is your friend. Do want to revolutionize energy? Build a Shipstone. Much of the wasted energy in the world is from standby and less than peak demand.

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