Week 3 NFL Picks of The Pissed off Tree Rat

Still licking the wounds from last week’s 56% but, here’s the Week 3 NFL Picks of The Pissed off Tree Rat:

About The Pissed Off Tree Rat

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8 Responses to Week 3 NFL Picks of The Pissed off Tree Rat

  1. caohaoim says:

    I have little faith in the Titans. I have oodles of faith in Detroit. To be Detroit.

  2. caohaoim says:

    We shall see. So far I’m not doing well.

  3. caohaoim says:

    Faith is rewarded again. insert maniacal laughter here –>*
    other that that just so so.

  4. caohaoim says:

    My only consolation this week is one up on beer.

  5. caohaoim says:

    @$#@&$%)(*^(*&%$&$%&$$%(*&%*^%$%)(*^&)(*&^$^$(^(IUHBGMH<MHVNB VN BMVI%&G*$&*%()(&%&%$^%((%^(((*^&HJGHGHJGHJGHJGIYTBR&*%$*%$(&^(*Y&(*&%*)&%&^$*&$*&&&(^(&^(&^%
    That was the biggest officiating ripoff in NFL history.(&^598762980876*&^$^*&%$87^%$*&^$*&^$654765(*59*^&58&%986%*&65(878%&(8

  6. Just one? Ugh, time for week #4!

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