Keep up the Hope for Change, of the nameplate on the White House’s mailbox.

I’ve been pretty low key on the whole election lately.  For good reason.  It just makes me want to bang my head against the floor when I hear folks making excuses for the sad state of our American Executive Office.  At this point I must just accept the concept of agreeing to disagree with my DNC leaning friends.   This blind allegiance to President Obama is just not something  I can comprehend.  His actions that the Left has turn their backs on, and just fail to comprehend his actions regarding, is nothing but the height of the hypocritical.  Or at least it is a position of willful ignorance.    Nearly everything thing that President Bush did, that they marched/protested/called for impeachments/screamed to the media about for eight years, President Obama has continued and often went deeper.  It’s almost as if they are addicts to the lofty “ideal” and blind to the side effects of the “reality” they slavishly support.  Junkies.  That’s all I can think of to explain their thinking.  So this is it for The POTR on presidential election politics till 7 Nov.

*UPDATE* I lied, I did another post after all.  But in my defense it wasn’t about “politics” per-say.  It was more about being tired of the election and an excuse to post hot chick pictures…

Maybe I could just stay drunk till it’s all over…..

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