Now here’s a future scenario case for the SCOTUS. Maybe????

OK, my question is not about Pigion Hunts, Hunting, Angels, PETA blah blah blah.  My question is how do property right work for “airspace”?  As private drones become more common are there rules we should all know?  If the neighborhood busybody wants to fly a drone over my back yard to see what I’m up to can I blast it?   Assuming that (A) it is locally legal for me to discharge a firearm on my property and that (B) the drone has clearly crossed over my property line’s delineations.  If the answer is yes, then how high does my property go?  Would a police drone need a warrant to fly under a certain altitude to collect on your property.    I’m not plotting a legal defense for the future.  Not yet at least. I’m more focused on that damn neighbor creeping me out with his spy drone toy.  I’m thinking I can take it down.  But I’m no lawyer.  I did drink with one once.  Does that count?

NBC10: The drone, nicknamed “Angel,” was recording a live pigeon shoot on Sunday around 3 p.m. when investigators say it was suddenly struck by gunfire.

SHARK claimed “a single sharp rifle crack rang out,” in a press release sent out on Monday. The group says the camera’s video feed was terminated and the drone went out of control before it was manually brought down. The gunshot caused around $4,000 in damage to the camera, according to SHARK.

State Police are investigating the incident. SHARK claims this is the fourth time the drone has been shot at while trying to spy on what they claim are inhumane pigeon shoots.

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6 Responses to Now here’s a future scenario case for the SCOTUS. Maybe????

  1. bltdonahue says:

    I’m not even slightly a lawyer, but airspace is “public right of way.” It basically exists and is classified to allow traffic to transit through WITHOUT STOPPING.

    In that regard, airspace for the use of “passing through” generally is controlled above 600′ AGL.

    I find this informative:

    Basically, if you erect a tower or other obstruction, and mark it accordingly, well, anyone caught lingering is up to no good, and clearly about to engage in aerial bombardment. Unleash the FLAK battery at will*

    *(responsible homeowners will, of course, do surveys to find out where AAA UXO might land, and perhaps select ordnance that is harmless on the earth-bound return trajectory)

  2. caohaoim says:

    What egomaniac hunts pigeons with a rifle? a .22lr maybe but anything bigger? Maybe they were using rifled slugs.

  3. All batteries now weapons free!

  4. Well I’m not gonna eat the thing! I say .12GA… Watch the mini feather explosions.

  5. caohaoim says:

    I almost hate to tell you this story. A friend of mine had an oak grove that they would use fatten pigs with the acorns. The squirrels started getting too many of the acorns. So my friend and I set up some sand bags on a small hill about 100yds away from the grove. Borrowed his fathers Korean War era Springfield and played a game. One point for hitting a squirrel. Five points for a head shot. Minus five points for a miss. Minus ten points for hitting a tree. After 3 weeks we had bagged 70. Final score was something like -350 to -425. I lost. had more head shots but hit more trees.

  6. caohaoim says:

    My friend always called it a Springfield but thinking about it would that have been the M1 Garand?

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